There is sudden traffic in the air because of drones, so what should you expect?

Air traffic jam because of drones

Air-Traffic Because of Drones

There are some laws now set in countries that prohibit flying drones without a license. That is because drones can cause a lot of air-traffic if the one driving the drone is not careful. Laws are much more strict now about drones and where you can fly them because they can cause a lot of problems for airlines.

What Is A Drone?

A drone is a small quadcopter that flies and is usually used for photography and move around by using a remote control. A lot of photographers, filmmakers, hobbyists, etc., enjoy using drones. Since they are now becoming more popular, lots of people can easily buy a drone at an affordable price. However, it can be a big problem for airports if the one flying the drone is not aware of the flying zones.

Why Do Drones Create Air-Traffic?

If a drone flies in an airport environment, it can disrupt a lot of things. For instance, if a drone gets near a flying zone, it can completely mess up the flight path. That can make it very challenging to land and take off a plane just by a drone sighting alone. The drone does not have to be near the plane too; it only has to be in the flying zone.

Does It Cause That Much Trouble?

Even if a drone is only present within an airport zone for a short amount of time, it causes a lot of trouble. For instance, the airport might only close for around 15-30 minutes. However, the real issue is the aftermath. The messed up flight paths and delays can easily create days of damage and concerns for the airports.

Potential Collision

Some tests show what would happen if a drone would collide with a plane in the air. They used a small drone that was around 2 pounds for the test against a regular commercial plane flying at an average speed. That drone collision created significant damage during the trial. The drone can get stuck in the airframe and even have the potential to create a fire.

Flight Delay

One of the most common things that could happen when a drone is within the flying zone is the flights getting delayed. Some of the trips will get redirected too because of the disruption. One small drone can cause a lot of chaos and delay or even cancel flights. If you find yourself in that situation, do not let yourself struggle because you can get help with AirClaim.

What Is AirClaim?

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